Greener Planet, Greener Wallet.

Invest in our Communities and the Future

WindShare provides marketing and financing for community wind projects.

Your purchase of WindShare bonds provides much-needed investment in our communities, perhaps even your own!  Our support of local wind projects provide communities with affordable energy, cleaner air and water, supplemental income for farmers, tax revenue, and jobs.

Your purchase of WindShares also helps counteract declining government subsidies for wind development just when those subsidies are needed the most.  If everyone put 3% of their savings in WindShares we would meet our Paris climate accord targets.

WindShares are designed to provide steady returns, help communities prosper, help the wind industry build more wind farms, and generate clean, renewable energy for America.  Everybody benefits!

A Renewable Retirement

Wind energy provides long-term returns to all types of investors. Whether you invest $100 or $10,000, our WindShares are engineered to provide consistent, steady returns that weather turbulent markets. 

For those looking to balance their stock portfolio, WindShare bonds are designed to provide a stabilizing force.  Investment advisors recommend keeping 30% of your savings in something other than stocks. Need to balance your portfolio? Looking to supplement your retirement income? You can let your WindShare interest accumulate and then pay yourself a monthly salary after the bond matures.

Meanwhile the wind turbines you help fund produce clean renewable energy, powering America’s future as you save for your own.  

Comparison with Other Investments


Fixed Annuities

WindShare bonds provide similar benefits to indexed annuities, but unlike annuities you can sell your WindShares.


Treasury Bonds

WindShares are expected to provide better overall returns than treasuries and give you the flexibility to let your dividends accumulate.



Stock values can vary wildly each year, making them risky investments. WindShare bonds are backed by long-term energy contracts that should not change in value.

WindShare Return Calculator

WindShares last 20 years and pay yearly interest from the energy proceeds of community financed farms. Returns can be withdrawn or left to accumulate. We pay additional interest on the returns in your account, and you aren't taxed until you withdraw them. At the end of the 20 years, we buy back your WindShares for what you paid for them plus a bonus based on the performance of the S&P 500. WindShares are transferrable. You can sell your WindShares to other investors before the 20 years are up with no penalties. You keep any interest you have accumulated.

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