Smart Energy. Smart Investment.

Wind is not only renewable; it is the cheapest energy available in America, and America needs more energy both to meet our expanding needs and to replace old power plants. The amount of power generated by wind has been growing year over year, so there are always more wind projects that need investment.

Stable Returns Over Decades

Wind farms have 20+ year contracts with local power companies who agree to purchase the energy produced by the farm’s wind turbines for a set amount per kilowatt generated. The result: long-term revenue over decades, making wind a good way to save for retirement and protect you from the rapid swings of the stock market.

Good for Communities

When people picture wind farms they often picture giant installations with hundreds of turbines far away from people with high voltage power lines running for many miles to connect to the power grid. While those facilities exist, America is running out of places to put them. Increasingly, modern wind farms are distributed among our communities generating local power, local jobs, and local taxes.

Growth Potential

With year over year growth in wind farm development and consumer trends advancing towards the adoption of renewable energy, investing in wind provides an alternative to the stock market while participating in a growing energy and social movement.