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We're gathering interest in wind bonds for a public offering to finance community wind farms. Request early access and be among the first to gain access to WindShare Wind Bonds. 

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WindShare provides marketing and financing for community wind projects. Your WindShare bonds provide much-needed investment in communities, making it possible for local wind projects to provide communities with affordable energy, clean air and water, jobs, and supplemental income to farmers and through local tax revenue.

Clean Energy

WindShare provides community financing to wind farms, powering the development of renewable energy.

Anyone Can Invest

Get started investing in wind energy and see positive returns while you help the environment for as little as $100.

Green Returns

Our 20-year bonds are backed by something real: the energy production of wind farms.

Comparable Investments

WindShares are expected to provide better overall returns than treasuries and give you the flexibility to let your dividends accumulate.

About our facilities

WindShare has partnered with Minnesota based, Juhl Energy. Juhl Energy is the largest community develop in the united states completing more than 25 project with over 35 years of community wind energy experience. 

Juhl Energy has created a unique approach to scale the development of energy solutions to meet the energy needs of many rural communities. 

The facility we are gauging interest in for public financing would be a hybrid of wind and solar, producing energy in both peak solar season (summer) and peak wind season (winter).  The combination provides a steady stream of reliable energy.  

Globally, wind and solar hybrids could reach $1.47 billion by 2024, driven by developing countries without strong electric grids.

- Global Market Insights, Inc.


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"Similar to a community solar garden, WindShare projects will allow subscribers to buy one or more $100 shares in community wind projects, with a likely annual return of around 3 percent" 

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