Individual action makes the difference on climate change

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The news today is that the Trump administration is signaling that it intends to leave the Paris Climate Accords, a global framework under which countries commit to carbon reduction targets.

paris agreement

Here at WindShare, we are committed to renewable energy, and are saddened by this decision. However, we want to assure our members that the movement towards renewables will continue.

The financial reasons that are driving communities to adopt renewable energy have not changed. Wind is still the cheapest and cleanest way to create electricity in America, and America needs cheap, clean energy. Our state and local governments realize this, as do power companies. The energy analysts we’ve talked to – including our own Tom Mahowald – do not expect demand for wind farms to slow.

What we can do together is ensure that as the Federal government turns its attentions to other matters, we step in to take its place. Community advocates can kick off local projects. Crowdfunded financing can replace subsidies. We don’t need the Federal government to drive this; we can do it ourselves.

That’s what WindShare – and WindShare members! – is all about.

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